We believe we can provide the best opportunities for your child and we strive to provide a centre of excellence for our parents and children both. With our carefully thought-out programmes and experienced team, we believe Kidz Co. can support and care for your children, working with you to give them the best possible future.

    At Kidz Co. we provide 2 key elements for your child:

The first element is the provision of a safe, loving environment where your child will be nurtured and cared for by trained educators who will role model and encourage them to follow the centre’s values. These values include honesty, respect, trust, integrity, cooperation, and caring for others.

The second aspect is the provision of an inspirational learning environment that will help develop the mental, emotional, physical and social skills of your child. This holistic approach will result in your child's success in the mainstream school environment and within all aspects of their lives.
We are dedicated to the needs of the children in our care!
We endeavor to EXCEED the licensing standards!
Kidz Co. Learning center is licensed by the Provincial Community Care and Assisted Living Act and is governed by the Community Care Licensing.

The center is licensed for:
Children of all abilities are welcome as long as we can meet their individual needs and we prefer to meet with the child's parents or guardians before the child starts to attend to ascertain what those needs are.

The Kids Co. Learning Center endeavor to hire staff with appropriate qualifications. Staff are encouraged to pursue professional development opportunities related to early childhood education and continue to be life long learners. Parents and guardians are also highly valued. They play a strong role as contributors and volunteers in the program. It is this commitment that allows the Kidz Co learning center program to thrive and make a difference.
Our Mission Statement
The Kids Co. childcare center exists to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for preschool and school aged children. Our focus is to provide a stimulating child care and education experience which promotes each child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children's desire to be life long learners.

We believe that children are by nature, curious and eager learners. Young children learn best when they experience their environment first hand in play. It is their direct experience in the world with people, places and objects at hand that spark their innate desire to "find out", "figure out" or otherwise solve problems that present themselves through the course of every day events. Teachers provide the expert guidance and support for "knowing" how things work and how to successfully live in the world with self and others.

We believe in the value and uniqueness of each child we serve. Our curriculum is designed to foster the social, educational, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs of the children we serve. This is based on the believe that young children need to be actively involved in learning through play and opportunities to explore, experience and succeed as well as on a widely accepted theories and principles of a child's growth and development.
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Duncan, BC
Ph: (250) 746-4020